The MoonVision Platform

A Self-Service Platform for Real-time Object Tracking and Surface Analysis.

  • Quick setup of a fully functioning object detection solution
  • Self-service and self-maintenance system
  • Compatible with any network camera, CCTV, and mobile IP camera application
  • Training ten different objects takes less than an hour: Deep Learning does all the work
  • Efficient training leads to almost 100% accuracy

Platform Architecture

#1 Generate Video Data

  • Add a videostream
  • Upload video data

#2 Train the System

  • Object mining identifies different objects in the video
  • Automated scene detection
  • Semi-automated annotation of objects
  • Active learning labelling tool

#3 Ship it

  • Export trained custom models
  • On-platform detection and tracking
  • All detections are streamed to your system or endpoint

Data Ownership

Your data belong to you. We take data protection seriously and comply with all EU data protection laws. MoonVision will never display your data nor pass on any information to other customers without your approval. We provide some of the best in-class detection models for specific domains.

We do not - nor do we allow our customers to - process any sensitive information, such as ethnical backgrounds, political opinions, religious beliefs or any other private information.

Enterprise Level Operation

At MoonVision we focus on your corporate goals. Through our deep understanding of the underlying technology paired with expertise in project management, we enable industry leaders and start-ups alike to push their limits and realize their goals. We focus on increasing your productivity through automation by using a hands-on approach. MoonVision’s clients don’t buy expertise, they buy results. Contributing factors are:

SLA and Stable Operation

We understand the necessity of around-the-clock availability of our platform and our systems have been stress tested in business settings. Our customers define what our priorities are and we offer solutions that fulfill their demands.

Scaling and Flexibility

Video analysis at scale requires a profound knowledge of distributed system operations. We combine components that scale at every level, from storage to GPU processing. The MoonVision platform was developed to achieve any scaling level needed without interruptions, downtimes, or setbacks.

Security and Safety

The security of your information is our top priority. We consider it vital to offer a safe solution you can trust. Our system is adaptable to your needs, such as on-site hosting and advanced access management.

Get in contact

Mag. Georg Bartels
Head of Sales
tel: +43 664 3460 555

Case Study

Improving industrial processes: AI automates quality control

A large chain of industrial production comes to a sudden halt. The reason: one faulty piece in a machinery of over a thousand parts. Finding the problem costs time and money. It also leads to frustration. Why not use computers to help us solve these issues in production? That’s what MoonVision thought. We’ve developed a system that identifies flaws in a production chain before they can cause a problem, saving money and simplifying upkeep through object tracking and artificial intelligence. Our solution automatically sounds the alarm when maintenance or replacement is necessary.

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