Object Recognition
Beyond Human Limits

Welcome to The Moonvision Gmbh.

We are a young motivated team with the aim to empower our customers with object tracking solutions using machine learning. Our headquarter is located right in the heart of Vienna / Austria, our second Office is located in Munich / Germany. Our solutions can be used within various industries, therefore we are searching for strategical partnerships – feel free to contact us.

Do you have a passion for machine learning? In the jobs section you can find our current vacancy notices.


Our platform uses machine learning to empower our customer‘s object tracking solutions.

Food Service Industry

Solution for Restaurants and Canteens

Do you experience one of these problems:
• Long waiting lines in company canteens.
• High fraud rate in restaurants/canteen
• Employees occupied with simple recurring tasks.

Our “DishTracker” offers a high recognition rate of 98,2% for food and can (when required) link food to the waiter/customer. The camera can also be added to existing cash register systems with minimum effort.

Cleaning Industry

Higher Efficiency Through Image Recognition

MoonVision offers unsupervised scene understanding for natural and industrial areas. In the cleaning industry, this leads to higher productivity, purity and longer life cycles for equipment and serviced goods. Our solution helps to save the environment through the exact adjustment of machines.

Other Industries

Explore Your Potential

Our solution can be used in various industries to analyse video footage and trigger events. Currently there are limited solutions available for the mass-market. We have made the next step and offer customized solutions at a manageable effort.


Our computer vision system differentiates, counts and tracks items. The setup was tested at Oktoberfest 2017 and reduced training efforts for recognizing new food types by a factor of 30.

  • Camera

    Our Camera is able to transfer a wide range of information to a central server which translates the visual information into useful pieces using Deep Learning technology. Parts of the analysis are made by the camera, others are made centrally in the cloud or on premise.

  • Cloud

    Thanks to cloud installation, our customers benefit from more flexibility, quick deployments and unlimited scaling options. Even in a fully cloud-backed scenario, results are available in near-realtime.

  • Platform

    Our online platform customers can train the system to recognize certain objects. This reduces setup and update costs. Multiple users can collaborate simultaneously.

  • API

    We acknowledge that our solutions are only as good – as they can interact with our customers existing framework. Therefore we offer our results to be transmitted via APIs to other devices to perform f.e. billing tasks.